About us:

We used to be just like you

Several years ago, we were in a similar position that you find yourself currently. Weighing the costs to benefits ratio regarding a relocation to Andorra.

In our situation, it was a no-brainer. We pulled the trigger, and we don’t regret it one bit.

What exactly is Come To Andorra ?

We’re a collaborative team specialized in delivering the best, quickest and most efficient personal or professional relocations.

Entrepreneurs, investors, retirees, employees...

The end result for you is the same: the best defiscalization possible, to allow you to save as much as possible and drive newfound growth and innovation to your company or project that wasn't previously feasible under previous tax jurisdictions.

We are two separate entities, that have agreed to work together in order to bring the marvelous advantages of Andorra to more people in need.

The duo

Come To Andorra

Our role is to divulgate the message and to present the benefits of Andorra to those interested, as well as assisting in the initial contact.

Abast Global

Our partner who delivers the contracted services - The accounting, the legal compliance, the relocation procedure... etc