Our corporate services:

Corporate management & services

We’re not firm believers of standardization. To achieve the pinnacle of performance, it is not viable to copy a strategy that worked for someone else, for another client, for a competitor.

Therefore, our Work is client dependant. Truly customized to not only your industry, but to your company in particular, for each company is unique and requires unique management.

Company registration & Foreign investment license

The first step towards a relocation is to register your company name in Andorra. We manage and proceed with all of the necessary steps in order to not only allow you to do business in the Principality, but allow for foreign investments.

Seeking to expand business into Andorra or start anew within the jewel of the Pyrenees ? Look no further.

Our services also allow you to branch an existing, foreign company into its own Andorran branch or any other type of permanent establishment.

Commercial & administrative licenses

Bureaucracy is tedious, unwelcoming but rather satisfying when all the checkboxes are marked and your business can fully operate legally.

Removing legal compliance from your worries is the prime proof that we are doing our work right, so you can focus on what matters most - your venture.

We manage and process all of the required permits and authorizations that your business(es) or activity(ies) might require in order to legally and properly function.

Drafting of articles of association

A crucial part of any business, we assess and draft your A&As documents with the outmost foreshadowing possible.

Tons of potential issues a company can have could have been solved by having a tiny bit more diligency while writing the articles of association, thankfully, our experience dealing with very diverse companies allow us to predict future issues and write the A&As accordingly.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Whether you’re seeking to buy or sell a company, business or societal group, we will perform corporate due diligence, prepare corporate restructurals, assess and supervise the share purchasing agreements, as to have the smoothest, best transaction as possible for all parties involved.

We take much pride in having assessed and performed some of the largest mergers in recent andorran history.

The professional counsel that arises from this service goes in tandem with tax aspects.

Insolvencies, dissolutions & Liquidations

In the event of such a need, we manage the debt-driven restructural of your company or business, and/or the process of auctioning off a company as well as managing bankruptcies.

A delicate process, it is vital for it to be completed swiftly and diligently, as to potentially avoid further negative consequences, like additional interest payments, that could potentially drive a restructurable company to debt default, insolvency, and the potential dismantling of the company.

Corporate body management

We offer management and secretary work aimed towards the governing bodies of a company, from the board of directors to shareholder meetings or any other type of internal committee or ruling body.

Contract management

Successful growth, diversification or business in general starts with unambiguous, compliant contracts, which we analyse and setup for your company.

We analyse and prepare all sort of commercial contracts related to several fields: